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Tales of Bahati and the Oedipus complex he has for Diana Marua

February 08, 2021 at 13:32
Tales of Bahati and the Oedipus complex he has for Diana Marua

Bahati recently said he has no problem with people calling him “Mtoto wa Diana” because when he was an orphan in the orphanage, he longed to have a mother. This statement made my skin crawl.

‘As An Orphan I always Wished I had Someone to Call Mum’ Bahati Explains Why He Accepts Being Called Mtoto Wa Diana

I am reminded by Bahati’s statement of a Greek tragedy called The story of Oedipus. In that myth, an oracle foretold the demise of a king, Laius, at the hands of his son. So when his wife sires a son, our good man bound his son’s legs and hands and abandoned him on some mountainside far from their native Thebes.


Bahati is a very interesting celebrity

I have a friend who is a major history buff so it shouldn’t bee too surprising that Bahati’s statement got me recalling this story. Anyway, some shepherd happens upon the child, led to it by it’s wailing and takes it to the King of Corinth who, being childless, decided to adopt the boy.

Bahati is running out of creativity, repeatedly rocking dresses

And when our boy achieves the age of manhood, he decides to travel about, gallivanting across the ancient Greek world and he happens upon an old man with his five servants and unfortunately, a squabble ensues and ends with Oedipus who is actually quite the hero, killing the man and his servants with the exception of one who happens to flee.


Bahati and his wife Diana Marua

Later, Oedpis happens to deal with the sphinx, blah blah blah and years later wanders into Thebes where the populace are still caught in the throes of mourning for their king who died and left them without an heir. I hope Bahati is paying attention because this is where it gets interesting. Our hero decides to take the throne and marries the queen, Jacosta, to legitimize his reign.

The wa Jesus clan is damaging their brand trying to keep up with the Bahatis

And it is at this point that through some foils, we find out why Sigmund Freud came up with the Oedipus complex: he finds out that he was the one who killed the king (that old man) and Jacosta is actually his mother. So where does this come into an intersection with Bahati?


The Bahatis

Sigmund Freud says that little boys grow envious of their father as they grow to witness their mother’s affection split between them and daddy dearest. These emotions usually get resolved as we grow into balanced adults but with Bahati who was denied a mother, he gets a fixation on the idea of who the woman was.

Bahati and Diana Marua will live to regret all their petty publicity stunts

So he ended up marrying an older woman then purposely making himself seem like he is her child. That is why Bahati has no problem with being Mtoto wa Bahati. Do with that information as you would. I just found it to be interesting.

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