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Bahati playing chess while gospel artists are playing checkers

September 09, 2020 at 11:38
Bahati playing chess while gospel artists are playing checkers

Bahati is one of the far more sociopathic celebrities we have in Kenya but he is also one of the more intelligent celebrities too. The young man who grew up in some of Kenya’s less affluent areas (I am trying to be nice about saying the word “slum”) has literally picked himself up by the straps of his boots and made a life for himself that is the envy of many.

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Bahati started out as a gospel singer whose songs would tug the heartstrings as he retold his experiences being an orphan and growing up underprivileged but he then grew into a banana republic spokesperson as he quickly found himself in bed with politicians, championing their causes during elections.


Music star, Kevin Bahati

That is not something I am saying to discredit him but rather to point out the fact that he is intelligent enough to network his way into the corridors of power and get deals from those connections. It is also a mark of intelligence just how well Bahati has been able to remain relevant even as the kenyan gospel fraternity has been falling to shambles from it’s once lofty, glorious perch in the world of Kenyan entertinament.

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And this brings us to the reason for the article: an appreciation of Bahati’s latest crafty publicity ploy.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Bahati and Diana Marua, his wife

You see, the young gospel artist for a while now seemed to have been losing his faith and flirting with the idea to go secular and indeed, he did indeed. He began releasing songs with secular artists known for their more raunchy lyrical content such as Boondocks Gang before finally going all out and beginning to release “love songs”.

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To the untrained eye, he seemed to have veered off his path entirely and I must admit that even I was sold on the switch. It just seemed like the logical decision to make given the fact that the gospel fraternity is currently a bloated corpse struggling not to fall into kaburi la sahau.


Kevin Bahati

And so it is that I celebrated the decision only to have Ringtone tear the scales from my eyes. Apparently, this is a ploy by Bahati before he doubles back and returns to music much to the jubilation of its congregants. And bahati will be seen as more than the prodigal son, he will be seen as the saviour of the gospel industry.


Think about it, it isn’t just a whammy, it’s a double whammy. Can you imagine the level of intellect that went into crafting such a simple plan? And it is said that perfection can only be found in simplicity.


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