Bahati is running out of creativity, repeatedly rocking dresses

Image: Kevin Bahati

Bahati is in a dress once again. Yup, he seems to have proclivities for rocking dresses and once more he is in one with complete makeup for the sake of getting comments and reactions online. Seems he doesn’t have creative ideas for content so he is running back to old stunts.

The thing about this that makes it noteworthy is that a lot of black American men in entertainment have raised complaints about being asked to rock dresses by the producers and directors of the shows they participate in. But here we have Bahati doing so willingly.

Masterpiece and Bahati cross-dressing is a hint of deeper proclivities

Perhaps the context is different. In America, it is the emasculation of black men and has a deep-seated history in slavery and racism. In Africa though, it doesn’t have such deep connotations. If you don’t consider willingly emasculating oneself as anything major.

Bahati loves rocking his wife’s dresses

Bahati to me is someone with deeper-seated proclivities towards cross-dressing and is using this “comedic license” to cover up the fact that he enjoys rocking female clothes. I mean, to each his own, but it is really hilarious to see him go through these ludicrous lengths to hide the fact he just loves rocking his wife’s clothes.

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But he also stumbled upon something that is a boon for him. He realized that crossdressing is something that gets a lot of comments as it baits emotions and rather than innovate content, he is simply redoing what has worked in the past.

Bahati raids his wife’s wardrobe for dresses

The worst part about this is the fact that the play is getting old. Bahati is not serving up anything new to his 2.5 million followers. While it is working in the meantime (says a lot about the IQs of your average Kenyan), he can keep on keeping on. But for how long?

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Bahati though has some seriously wicked makeup skills. I just hope he will commit to this gambit and even create a persona for himself whenever he rocks his dress and makeup. He could become a female version of himself that he is clearly wrestling with.

Bahati posing

Bahati could even open up new markets for himself by trying out makeup and then dresses and shoes. Bahati would have found the silver lining for himself and it would seem like it was a masterplan rather than him stumbling into it. Still, it’ll get stale. Think about it, when was the last time anyone thought of Shaniqua?

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