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Bahati runs into Harmonize 2 years after picking ‘stupid’ beef over Diamomd Platnumz

November 15, 2022 at 11:05
Bahati runs into Harmonize 2 years after picking 'stupid' beef over Diamomd Platnumz

Back in 2020 Bahati for some reason decided to get involved with beef that didnt concern him at all as a human being, a father, husband, friend, colleague… just didnt concern him but something pushed him to take sides between Harmonize and Dimaond Platnumz beef.

Okay – I still remember how he publicly shared a post attacking Harmonize for being ungrateful towards Diamond Platnumz who had helped build his career…only for him to walk out of WCB. Well, clearly as you can see – the beef was just between the WCB family but call it kimbelembele Bahati got involved and told off Harmonize saying;

Bahati and Harmonize before Beef

Unajua hautarajii ukimwambia rafiki yako ukweli, achukuliwe kwa ndani mpaka anaku unfollow hayo ni mambo ya kike. Ninaheshimu sana talanta ya Harmonize lakini pia ninaheshimu tamaduni zetu za Kiafrika kwamba anaweza akaenda mbali zaidi akifanya Amani na mtu yeyote ambaye alimshika mkono kuinuka

Bahati meets Harmonize

Well two years have since passed since his post to Harmonize and like they say – milima tu ndio hapatani, lakini watu hukutana; the two recently ran into each other while attending Eddie Kenzo’s concert in Uganda and i bet it must have been really weird for Bahati.


Looking at the photo, the only body language you can read is tension….the dark glasses and how Harmonize kept his palm half way while maintaining ‘handshakes with Bahati….not forgetting the facial expressions caught on camera while the photo was taken.

Well – we can say maybe we’re over analyzing the situation but truth is….this friendship might never get back to where it once was.


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