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Bahati Shuts Down Critics Claiming Expensive Gifts To Diana Are A Hoax (Screenshot)

February 18, 2022 at 09:22
Bahati Shuts Down Critics Claiming Expensive Gifts To Diana Are A Hoax (Screenshot)

From exorbitant cars to palatial house(s) and piece of land, these are among the few deluxe gifts that musician Bahati has been gifting his exquisite wife Diana Marua. During Valentines period, Bahati splashed millions to surprise Diana; who has been reciprocating the same.

The lovebirds have been giving couple a run for their money; not forgetting the WaJesus Family.

But fans have reason to believe that all these are surreptitiously orchestrated moves by the two sweethearts for the views & publicity. By now, Diana could be having more than  2 cars.

Before the Valentine’s Day, Gospel singer Bahati has upped the ante, gifting his wife Diana Bahati, a brand new Toyota Landcruiser.
Bahati gifts Diana Marua new mansion days after giving her new Prado TX  [Video] | Pulselive Kenya

Bahati gifts Diana Marua new mansion-Google

He went on to add a piece of land, a chopper ride, and a fully furnished house; which they shared a tour with fans.

Upon seeing all these deluxe gifts, fans were in disbelief.

”Kwani ameshinda dangote (Diamond),” one fan wrote.

Bahati Responds

Mtoto wa Diana couldn’t remain oblivious over the numerous critics and had to respond on the claims that all the gifts were staged. He shut down critics as he shared on his Instagram;

”Tô Those Who are Doubting That God Can Bless a Poor Boy From the Slums Let Me Confirm this; Yes “I AM A BOY FROM MATHARE SLUMS ” and to Those that Believe God Can Raise a Man From Poverty to Glory “MAY GOD DO IT FOR YOU TOO IN JESUS NAME” The God I Who Raised Me is Faithful to Bless Anyone 🙏🙏🙏”


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