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Bahati tearfully recounts how his mum passed on in the house

March 28, 2022 at 12:50
Bahati tearfully recounts how his mum passed on in the house

Singer Bahati who is currently vying for the mathare parliamentary seat has opened up about his mum’s death for the first time; and believe me when I say – it was heartbreaking… nothing that a 6 year old child should witness.

Well, turns out that Bahati lost his mum back when he was only 6 years – a small boy just about to join class 1 and he loses his mum on Christmas Day. Can life get any worse?

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Gospel firebrand, Bahati

Any for those who have been wondering about Bahati’s past – allow me to narrate his story that is judging from his latest interview with Wifey, Diana Marua on her show dubbed tell-all. Speaking about his painful past, Bahati said;

My mum and dad lived in Huruma, I have seen the good and bad times of Mathare. I remember I was six years old when I lost my mum. I was going to class one…it was on Christmas day. I think losing a mum changes everything. She was my only source of hope and the other alternative was to be left upcountry after her burial.

Alone but Hopefull

As a young boy with no mum to depend on, Bahati said his life flipped from bad to worse. Who was he going to depend on? How was life going to be bearable without the woman that made everything better even during hard and bad times?

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Bahati’s late mum


This is a question that lingered in his mind for long but through it all; Bahati says he was determined to get back to the city, hoping that one day things would look up for him.

So after the burial, I cried hard so I wouldn’t be left in Ukambani. I entered the pick-up that ferried my mother’s body to Makueni to come back to Nairobi. I had to come to the city and try my luck.

How mama Bahati died

According to Bahati, he lost his mum due to lack of proper health care – something that often happens in the ghetto areas where getting Medicare is not priority but a luxury to those who can afford.

And according to Bahati, this is something his mum couldn’t access due to poverty; but now that he wants to join politics – probably life might just change for people in the Mathare area.

Bahati with step brother back in the village

My mum passed on in the house…it is sad that Mathare is still struggling in terms of health facilities. I remember ndio hata atolewe kwa hiyo nyumba…let me tell you something it was on Christmas…she passed on kama midday akakaa kwa nyumba for a few hours ndio akafungwa na blanketi …tukakomboa taxi apelekwe mortuary.


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