Bahati’s baby mama reveals whether or not the singer gives enough support for his daughter, Mueni

Yvette Obura who is widely known on social media as Bahati baby mama this past weekend had a few things to set straight about her relationship with the singer and their daughter.

As many now know, the two had their baby girl Mueni 3 years ago but decided to keep it a secret until about Bahati decided to come out clean about it.

Anyway due to the pressures of social media we can agree that keeping his daughter on the low came in handy especially by protecting her from online bullies.

Bahati and Mueni’s relationship

Bahati’s relationship with his first born however remains solid despite having split with Yvette and moved on with Diana Marua who is now his wife.

Bahati with Baby Mueni

Yvette went on to reveal that Bahati gives enough support for his daughter and she is grateful for that. 


About her relationship with the singer, Yvette made it clear that she was not romantically in love with her ex in a question and answer session on her Instagram page.

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