Bahati’s ex manager and girlfriend back to wasting each other’s time after rekindling old flame

Weezdom has been indecisive about the women in his life, which explains his on and off relationship with Mylee Stacey – but one things for sure, he must really like her.

Maybe because she’s a hustler and has been putting food on their table now that Weezdom’s music isn’t paying enough to cover their lifestyle. Mylee on the other hand appears to be making enough through her IG Marketing stories and last we checked – someone said she has a mubaba paying her rent.

Anyway whether true or not – all we know is that Weezdom isn’t letting go of Mylee Stacey and although he abused her on social media ~ calling her wh*r* but as usual – love always wins!

Steady till the end

Well, with everything we have seen the couple  go through since going public with their relationship, let’s just say Weezdom only Hope is in marrying Stacey.

So far most girls he’s been with have exposed him for being cheap and like Mejja put it in one of his songs hawapendi machali wa kuwekwa.

Anyway below are the latest photos of Weezdom with his girl, Mylee.

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