Bahati’s latest Instagram pattern is his most pathetic

Image: Bahati and Harmonize

Bahati has taken on a new line of attracting attention: attacking Harmonize. The diminutive gospel singer has decided that he would focus his angst and aggression on Harmonize, even going as far as demanding he stop using his moniker of “Tembo” and instead leaving it for Bahati.

Bahati getting paid by Diamond Platnumz to attack Harmonize? He responds

The bizarre turn of events came about seemingly unprovoked with Bahati weighing in in the fight between Diamond and Harmonize, effectively taking the opinion that Harmonize is the antagonist even though he is an outsider looking in and he doesn’t know the nitty-gritty of the facts.


But Bahati has never been one to let better judgement get in the way of a good publicity opportunity.

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Bahati came out guns blazing and demanded that Harmonize stop being “ungrateful and greedy” and going on to say,

BUT MY POINT IS.., his Mistakes Cannot be Compared with the Kind heart that pushed him to pick you Up from the Streets and Made You who You’re Today. God Used him to Introduce you to the World!


What is interesting is the dim view Kenyans have of the lad, because when many read his outrage, they immediately wrote it off as a publicity stunt for a new upcoming song. Kenyans do not take his statements to heart, instead seeing insidious motives for them.

And that brings us to why this stunt is utter bullshit.

Bahati recently released a song. and him being “an artist of immense calibre” he would want to focus on promoting that song, you would think that all his effort would be put into ensuring he would get the most airplay and his songs get the most downloads and views on Youtube but instead, he is busy discussing Harmonize.


This in and of itself is an admission that he knows he isn’t a big artist. Bahati has swallowed his pride and accepted that he needs drama to get his name on headlines. And that is an issue because it has translated in seeing him engineer some nonsensical controversies around both himself and his family.

Bahati bitter after Harmonize makes surprise move confirming friendship is over!

Harmonize is busy doing his thing then all of a sudden he realizes his name is being brought up by some artist he has never worked with… And that artist, Bahati, is more focused on addressing an old issue, his drama with Diamond Platnumz, rather than churning out music.


So Bahati has decided to be delving in nonsense that is 6 months dead to revive his career. And it gets so bizarre that he even has to address whether or not Diamond Platnumz paid him to take on Harmonize…

Mimi sijaongea na Diamond kutoka sijui lini. Nilikuwa tu namshauri kama ndugu. The way wewe unaweza pata kitu uone hiki kitu Bahati anapotea unishauri.
Nilitaka tu amake peace na atoke na Amani fulani sababu ukitoka na Amani unapata Baraka pia. Sikutarajia atakwazika.

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So the guy who was unable to run a record label because all his artists would accuse him of bad business practices is busy telling Tanzanians how to manage their affairs? Nope. Bahati seems to think talking about Diamond and Harmonize’s already dead beef is leaving a dent on the world.

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Homie needs to take an entire cup of Shut The F Up and focus on what seems to be the dwindling of his musical career. This trend of his that sees him talk about none issues isn’t the way to revive his career and it merely makes us look at him as a has-been fighting to remain relevant.

Bongo music star, Harmonize

And the argument that you should respect the man who discovered you simply because he discovered you is illogical. Business is business and we all have to do what is right for us. We do not know the details of the business falling out between the two. If you aren’t involved in the deal, maintain sharp and focus and on your own hustle Bahati.


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