Balling! Sarah Kabu surprises husband Simon with multi-million mansion on his birthday (Video)

Image: The Kabus

Simon and Sarah Kabu, the couple that owns popular travel company Bonfire Adventures, has made yet another milestone in their lives.

A video that was posted on their YouTube page shows them unveiling a posh mansion whose location is yet to be disclosed.

The Kabus enjoying life.

Apparently, Simon was turning a year older and his wife saw it fit to  gift him with the two-storey house that has an elegant and modern design.

As the clip begins, Sarah, Simon can be seen being ushered into the house by a violin player who was standing right outside the house. Meanwhile, their son is seen playing a guitar.

A group that was on the second floor of the house sing gladly as the Kabus are handed glasses of juice before they go to admire the rest of the house.


The couple has been doing well since they established the company a few years ago. Interestingly, Simon had even worked as a tout before starting Bonfire Adventures.

In 2017, the couple made headlines after Simon surprised his wife with a brand new Range Rover as she turned a year older. Life has definitely been kind to them.

Watch the video below.


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