Being A Single Mum Is A Circumstance, Don’t Leave Your Husband- Akothee Advices

While most ladies decide to become single mums nowadays, some decide to stick on to their marriage with good reasons. Most people might succumb to celebrity pressure and try to copy their lavish lifestyles. Musician and entrepreneur Akothee has come to the rescue of men whose wives run away from them with the aim of becoming ‘happy single mums’.

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Akothee posted on her Insta stories, advicing women not to turn away from their marriage. She further states that women should not use the excuse that they want to live like her. Additionally, the musician claims that life on social media is not what is seems like and it’s very different from reality.

”It has come to my attention that I am mis-advising women to walk out of their relationships. The problem is that you don’t understand my English. Please, if you’re married, stay in your marriage. Even our own parents stayed in their own marriages. Being a single mother is not pride, it is a circumstance. And we can’t change anything about that.

Anyway, we’ve got to be strong to live this life. If you think you want to leave your husband because you think Akothee is living a good life, I will never showcase my frustrations online. You could be living a better life than me. But anyway, choices are yours. If you want to leave your husband’s house, don’t leave with my name… You do not know what I’m going through off- cameras.”

The Kenyan musician is known to be ‘the president of single mums’. Her advice will definitely save a lot of marriages.

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