Ben Githae: Fallen gospel star brought about his own downfall

Every time Ben Githae gets caught up in some nonsensical situation or potentially controversial setting, the average Kenyan automatically assumes his guilt or culpability.

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That includes when he was accused of fathering then running away from a female fan’s child and more recently when Kenyans saw a photograph of him with Victor Kanyari’s ex, Betty Bayo.

ben githae and betty bayo

But how did Ben Githae fall so far from grace? There was a time when he was the main man in as far as gospel music was concerned. there was a time when Ben Githae could do no wrong.

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That was back when he had just started out on his career. He would put out gospel music in his native Kikuyu tongue and even people not of his ethnic community enjoyed the songs.

ben githae, betty bayo

And then one day, someone reached out to bwana Ben Githae and asked him to join the Jubilee campaign. That was an idea that would earn him a pretty coin and given how tribal Kenyan politics is, he would endear himself that much more to his core audience, members of the Kikuyu community. What could go wrong?

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Well, Ben Githae was paid his big bucks and the political party he had supported was in power. However, he had lost a huge aspect of his credibility. Why? Because many Kenyans now see him as one of the artists willing to sell his conviction for money at best or at worst, they see him as a man with poor judgment.

ben githae with uhuru and ruto

Add to this the fact that he soon found himself associated with a government many viewed as a failure. And now every time Kenyans castigate each other for voting for the government, they share the link of his song…

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Unfortunately for him, as soon as he got caught up in the never-ending political loop, he began getting mentioned in controversial personal topics. Thems the breaks.


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