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Ben Pol’s Advice On Relationships Is Shrewd

December 15, 2022 at 10:47
Ben Pol brings Nyati Mchoya on board for 'Corona'

Ben Pol is claiming he’s living a better life after divorcing with his ex-wife Anerlisa Muigai. The Keroche Heiress and Ben Pol met at a press conference in Nairobi in 2018 and dated for a while before they got married in 2020. It was love at first sight, but it wasn’t going to last for long.

Apparently, Ben Pol had been single for about a year when their paths crossed as he had not gotten into another relationship after splitting up with the mother of his son – who is now six years old.

Ben Pol’s Advice

Ex husband cum lover Ben Pol

There’s no doubt that Ben Pol was married to a hottie. I mean, Anerlisa is all curvy and her flawless beauty is worth admiring. But Ben Pol believes that women who are beautiful should not be cosseted much.

He was sharing his advice on relationships and dating.

Ukiona mtu kila kitu kimenyooka, kipato kujitegemea, muonekano/urembo, heshima/unyeyekevu, akili/maarifa na haitokei siku moja akakukosea, ndugu yangu KIMBIA FASTAA!! na usigeuke nyuma huo ni mtego.”

According to Ben Pol, men should avoid dating such women. and to be honest, it makes sense. Look at how some of our exquisite female celebrities are failing in relationships. The likes of Amber Ray, Betty Kyallo, Lillian Muli, among others.

Ben Pol has had the experience. His relationship advice will definitely suffice.


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