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Bensoul’s baby mama refuses to be referred to as side chic, here’s why

April 05, 2022 at 15:52
Bensoul’s baby mama refuses to be referred to as side chic, here’s why

Bensoul has a hot baby mama turning heads on social media with her dancing skills, small waist (for now), thick thighs; and ooh her melanin that keeps popping on her pictures! Well, if she looks anything like her social media photos, then we can’t really blame Bensoul for finding attracted to her.

Bensoul’s soon to be baby mama

Just like most situationships we’ve heard of or witnessed; Bensoul and Tiffany Muikamba’s new found fling ended badly with the sol generation singer getting exposed for impregnating the young lass.

However what many don’t seem to understand is how Tiffany Muikamba got herself in the mix – knowing very well Bensoul was seeing Noni Gathoni. Okay, in her defense Tiffany says at the time – she knew about the lady; but Bensoul hadn’t told her how serious the relationship was. Wait what? Come again.

Responding to a Question from a fan asking;

Did you know Ben had a girlfriend at the time you slept with him?

To which she responded;

Well I knew about their relationship but I wasn’t sure whether they were together when we met but all in all whatever happened happened.

Tiffany tired of trolls

Okay okay…is it just me or is Ms Muikamba telling us she never saw the fella parade Noni Gathoni all over his posts? Ata kidogo?

Like, honestly it was so obvious Bensoul was seeing someone –  but being a free spirited person like the rest of Sol Generation members; girlfriend, Noni Gathoni allows him to see other people on the side – but just for fun.

Or again…maybe she just didn’t know…mapenzi wewe…it can literally make you not see even the obvious.

Anyway with everyone trolling her for being a side chic – or wanting to be one, Tiffany has come out to speak her truth. The young mum to be recently reached out to popular news outlet, Kelebrity asking not to be referred to as Bensoul’s side chic but “the mother of.”

This is after the tabloid shared a story about her – but kept painting her as the other woman; something that pushed her family to react – hence forcing Tiffany to reach out to the blogger.

Tiffany reacts to tabloid posting her photos on social media

According to Tiffany, she never – even once came out as Bensoul side chic as alleged; and for this reason, she refuses to be addressed in this manner.

To her, there’s no problem with bloggers writing about her – but the fact that she gets painted a side dish is ruining her relationship with relatives back home. Although her conversation with the said page didn’t go as planned; at least she got to speak her truth.



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