Bensoul’s girlfriend reacts after he admits to impregnating another woman

It is no longer secret that Bensoul cheated on his girlfriend Noni Gathoni and the worst part is that he got the other woman pregnant. Wait, what happened to protecting your partner when you’re involved with other people especially a one night stand?

Bensoul with girlfriend

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Anyway, sadly – yes it happened and although Bensoul had an option of denying and covering up the story; he came out, spoke about it and admitted to have made a mistake.

Having him address the issue may have been the best thing ever; that is judging from how fans are applauding him for being man enough to admit when he is wrong.

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Bensoul’s girlfriend not having it!


With all this drama going on, girlfriend Noni Gathoni who has found herself in the middle maintainer her silence until just recently when she first addressed the issue.

As expected, Noni Gathoni is not only angry but disappointed by the fact that her boyfriend cheated and impregnated another woman; knowing very well their relationship was already public.

However from her reaction, it’s obvious to see that she didn’t expect much from Bensoul – who she bashed saying;

Enyewe Mal*ya ni Mal*ya tu

Ouch, right? Anyway with this reaction is it safe to say Gathoni is now single, since clearly there’s about to be some baby mama drama from the other lady. I mean, wasn’t she the one who leaked the story despite Bensoul accepting responsibility of the unborn child?

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