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Betty Bayo has not gotten over Kanyari and her Father’s Day post proves it

June 23, 2020 at 14:04
Betty Bayo has not gotten over Kanyari and her Father's Day post proves it

Betty Bayo recently celebrated her former husband, Pastor Kanyari for his role as her children’s father. What was of note about her Father’s Day message is the fact that she claimed Pastor Kanyari was a garbage husband but he is a good father.

“You may not be a good husband but you’re a good dad!” Betty Bayo to Pastor Kanyari

Betty Bayo and Pastor Kanyari were once married but the marriage came to an almost untimely demise when Kanyari was exposed for being a false miracle practitioner by Jicho Pevo. At the time, he was the most reviled man in Kenya and though he kept a straight face and a stiff upper lip, it soon became clear that the expose had wrought damage on his personal life as Betty Bayo soon announced she had left him.

betty bayo

Betty Bayo

She then very quickly went on tour to America where it was revealed she had found love and a baby quickly followed.

Betty Bayo warns women against walking into marriages blindly — like she did with Kanyari

That was over half a decade ago. So why is Betty Bayo still eager to pile onto Pastor Kanyari’s humiliation? Why would she share a Father’s Day message that read:

Betty Bayo

Betty Bayo

“Happy fathers days to the father of my kids. You may not be a good husband but you’re a good dad. Thanks for accepting my decision to move on it’s has been 4 years .. You are the least of my worries, every time you watch couple killing each other on tv because of separation you do call and condemn the action. One thing I promised you I will never teach my kid to disrespect you. Unlike many men you have never stalked me. or made my life miserably just because we parted ways .your have made co-parenting soo easy and fun.

You may not be the perfect dad mine was baddest. I make sure they pray for you everyday god to keep you safe. They better have 310 guy as a father. than none… The greatest gift I can offer on this father’s day is to sing for free at your wedding.”

Depression made me go to a wedding in sleepers- Betty Bayo screams

When you think about it, you have to acknowledge the fact that this is a sign she never really moved on from Kanyari who has since moved on with his life and doesn’t feel the urge to dunk on his ex.

betty bayo and kanyari in happier days

How do I know what I have just said isn’t a stretch but Betty Bayo is still living with regret for her decision to leave Kanyari? Because of her tone and tense in the message. She did not make it clear their marriage is a thing of the past, she said, “you are a bad husband”. Nevermind the fact that Kanyari now has another wife who hasn’t complained about her husband…

Pastor Kanyari reveals why his marriage to Betty Bayo failed

Let that fact sink in. Usually, when people have moved on, they do not bother to revisit their former relationship with a shred of emotion. And they most certainly do not refer to the former relationship as if it is still ongoing.

Why would Betty Bayo decide to refer to Kanyari who is married and has moved on as a bad husband? She should have clarified he is an ex. That would have been the logical action of someone who has healed.


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