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“Betty has always been a bully,” Mercy Kyallo spills unknown details about her celebrity sister (Video)

September 14, 2020 at 09:45
“Betty has always been a bully,” Mercy Kyallo spills unknown details about her celebrity sister (Video)

Betty is a force to reckon with in the media industry and public space but no one knows her best than her family, her sisters who saw every bit of Betty while growing under the same roof.

During her recent interview with Churchill, Mercy admitted that in as much as her elder sister is a charm, an amazing and vibrant soul, growing up, she was always a bully and still is to date.

The Kyallo girls

Not like it was anything major that Betty didn’t like about Mercy but something as petty as her dressing code. She would completely detest Mercy’s choice of dressing and her say was always final.

“She wanted me to look like her small doll. Would carry me to places, dress me up and even pick on my untidiness,” continued the Yallo leather CEO.

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Betty turned out as the more tidy, stylish and smarter one. The two shared a room in their younger years but one would conspicuously tell which was Betty’s side of the room and which one was Mercy’s.

My side was always so messy and Betty’s side was organized. She would clean up her side of the room, never touch my side, make her bed and go call our mum and rant about my disorganization.

Interestingly enough, Mercy revealed that Betty had always been a ‘celeb’ since their primary school days and it was no surprise that she became a TV sensation.

She’s always had that popular girl glow. It’s amazing how she is able to carry herself so well in public. Betty is the example at home, she has set such high standards for the rest of us and pushes us beyond our comfort zones.

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According to the entrepreneur, Betty carries herself with so much confidence and beauty, while in reality she battles so many things in her personal life but no one gets to know that.

I love the way she is able to present herself no matter what is going on on the webs, she puts a brave face, a beautiful smile and lives her life even when at night she is busy putting out fires.


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