Betty Kyallo claps back at haters after Lillian Muli reveals she is not splitting with baby daddy

Lillian Muli left many people speculating that her relationship with baby daddy Jared Nevaton could be on the rocks after she posted a black rose on her Instagram account.

Black roses are rarely given to a loved one as they stand for tragic love. A black rose is known to mean the end of something, which could be a relationship, an idea, or a career. So when sent to a lover, a single black rose could symbolize the death of that relationship. [sic]

Lillian later on pulled down the post with the black rose, on Monday October 29th she posted a red rose and went on to explain that the black rose she had posted earlier had nothing to do with her relationship ending.

“Love is a Beautiful Thing. I will never understand why people are always quick to jump to nasty conclusions and write mean stuff…my Black Rose post had nothing to do with my relationship with Baba Liam so stop with the weird stories I will also not explain what it signified but yes it was the end of a certain season in my life. For those of you who thrive on hearing Bad News or drama about others, sorry; the only News you will hear from Lillianville will be Good News. Learn to wish people well; it costs nothing; as for me and my House we only know how to Love,” wrote Lillian Muli.

Can’t be something else

Betty Kyallo clapped back at haters after Lillian clarified that the black rose had nothing to do with her relationship ending. The former KTN anchor called out critics for jumping into conclusion.

“And it’s always rumors to do with relationships kwani it can’t be the end of the Sunny season, or the end of a month, or end of a stressful season,” Betty commented on Lillian’s post.



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