Betty Kyallo expresses interest to join politics, Kenyans react

Betty Kyallo is a multi-talent, a woman who can be on your screens giving you recent developments and the next minute she is chairing a board meeting with her employees at Flair by Betty.

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No sooner had she jetted off to Kenya’s coast that she returned showing with interest to vie for a political seat one of these fine days.

Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

An inspiration that was borne after US Senator Kamala Harris was nominated as the running mate of US Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden in the next US elections.

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Kamala now stands as the first black female to take up such position in the United States of America.

For Betty, this was an indication that she could also do it, an inspiration to many black females that it can be done.

She vibrantly expressed:

…this is giving me motivation for Politics ???????? It can be done!

Before declaring:

I will. I will succeed. Oh can I get an Amen!

Betty Kyallo expresses interest in politics

The support

All Betty needed was the support and prayers from Kenyans who believe she can do it. Betty appointed her all-time BFF Sarah Mwangi as her campaign manager who promised to map a way out for her win.

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Meanwhile, DJ Joe Mfalme expressed interest for the CS Entertainment seat and Betty promised to deliver.

djjoemfalme itabidi umesimama pia wewe juu najua ukishinda siwezi kosa CS entertainment bana ????????‍♂️


bettymuteikyallo @djjoemfalme ???????????? I swear. I’ll do it and you’ll get it.
Not until her Somali bae, Hon Alinur showed up on the comment section asking:
What would men be without women? #womenpower #womenpower????
Rumored lovers, Hon Alinur and Betty Kyallo

Promising Betty she would be his running mate one of these fine days before a curios fan wondered why running mate and not first lady.

@bettymuteikyallo you will be my running mate one of the fine days #presidnetofkenya????????

noahmutiso running mate ama First Lady? Kiongozi hii maneno tuambie mapema, @bettymuteikyallo hio ni kiulizio on your behalf, kuja hapa

Check out more comments:

thesarahmwangi Her nomination is such great news for the women worldwide ???????? also go for it ????

5973bb In kenya sahau ????????????
slyve254 maybe in 2060 with the current voting trend
cesskk Amen ????????

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