Betty Kyallo has been way happier after leaving K24

Maybe you have noticed, maybe you haven’t but media personality Betty Kyallo has been so happy lately it almost makes you think that K24 was really stressing her.

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There was a time when she was always drunk and the worst part is that she would go live on Instagram page and shame herself.

betty kyallo
Betty Kyallo

But those days are long gone. After leaving K24 things seem to be lining up for her and and she is no longer the sad girl we once knew.

She is literally kicking ass. She moved her salon  from FCB Mihrab in Kilimani to a posh three-storey building.

Betty also launched a YouTube channel dubbed Betty Kyallo Lately where she has been snippets of her life.

Anyone who has been following her endeavors can tell that she is happy and content with where she is at the moment.

She didn’t let her dismissal from K24 to weigh her down. Instead she dusted herself and transitioned into other things and there is o much that we can learn from that.

Betty Kyallo

Although she has expressed interest to be back on TV and we would love to see her on our screens again, I think she should keep doing what she is doing right now.

Media has a lot of uncertainties and it would be sad to see her going through what she went through again simply because she wants to pursue what she loves.

She is back to being the role model that many young girls look up to and I hope she can stay like this forever.

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