Betty Kyallo has handled her “scandal” well

Image: Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has been in the news recently after it was alleged that a s**tape featuring her had been leaked. But one thing we here have to admit is how well she has handled that scandal.

Betty Kyallo Responds To Her Alleged Leaked $ex Tape On Social Media (Photo)

Where is many other celebrities especially female ones would have come out trying to dispute the innocent arguing that they are the victims of some malicious machinations, Betty has taken it the chain and laughed it off.

This was a brilliant move because it has led people to believe that it is not her. Indeed whether or not you’re seeing the video for yourself and ascertained that it wasn’t in fact Betty Kyallo, once you saw her reaction you knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was not threatened because it isn’t her.

Betty Kyallo response to fan questioning her parenting skills will teach you to mind your business

This is something Kenyan celebrities need to learn from. It’s brilliant teachable moment because it shows them how to deal with scandals. Head of panicking and running around like a headless chicken, you can become and composed as you shrug of the nonsense.

Betty Kyallo

I am reminded of the recent scandal of a similar nature involving Georgina Njenga. End of the time when I have videos were leaked she seemed to react in a panic fashion. Understandable that is because those videos were in need of her but in such a situation she could have just laughed it off and everyone would have kept it pushing.

Betty Kyallo Should Accept Singlehood And Focus On Business

Not everything deserves are response and not everything deserves your energy. Betty’s laughing about it and asking whether she needs to release a new song the second season of her reality TV show or perhaps a new product. This has even had haters signing with her because she has Shrugged everything off in jest.

Betty Kyallo

Humoir is the best possible shield anyone can employ in such situations. Betty Kyallo is aware that such rumours could lead her to lose a lot and she would be excused for panicking. However, that is not a proactive way to deal with such situations. She’s handling it like a real g and that is something we are proud to see.

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