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Betty Kyallo has shown Kenyans a different side of herself and they love it

June 29, 2020 at 13:15
Betty Kyallo has shown Kenyans a different side of herself and they love it


Over the past few weeks, Kenyans have gotten to see a different side of media personality Betty Kyallo and many of them love it.

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Many people had thought that she is all fabulous and has things going easy for her but that’s far from the truth since she works her ass off.

Betty Kyallo

After being sent packing by K24, Betty launched a YouTube channel dubbed Betty Kyallo lately where she has been showing Kenyans what she does on a day-to-day basis and truth be told she is such a hard-worker.

You know, it’s easy to assume that people like Betty eat life with a big spoon and don’t have to get their hands dirty but that is not really the case.

This lass really pushes herself and if you ask me, she is a good example to young girls because she shows them that they don’t have to rely on men to put food on their tables.

Betty Kyallo

People like Betty are often judged harshly because most people assume that their on-screen personalities is the same as their private lives.

At some point before she left K24, Betty was drinking a lot and many people thought that her life was in shambles because they didn’t know that her job was on the line.

To be honest, many of us are happy to see that she has bounced back and the best part is that things seem to be going well for her at the moment.

She has not only moved her salon Flair By Betty to a better and bigger location, word on the street is that she might be coming back to our screens soon and as Ghafla, we are really happy for her. Go Betty!


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