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Betty Kyallo hits the gym after sudden massive weight gain

January 19, 2021 at 09:30
Betty Kyallo hits the gym after sudden massive weight gain

Former TV queen Betty Kyallo has not been eating healthy! Well, I’m saying this because the media personality appears to have gained sudden weight in just a couple of weeks.

Just a few weeks ago the mother of one shared new weight results to promote a certain weight-loss drink; but then, her new body did not last for long as she quickly gained weight after taking a break from the drink.

Judging from her latest photos, it’s evident that Betty Kyallo has not only gained more than she should; but truth is, she actually looks older – and – quite different from the Betty we were used to.

Betty Kyallo massive weight gain

Not to bash her, but from most comments left by fans- most feel that she should tone down on whatever drink she partakes with her Nyama choma.

Weight loss

Well, seems like she heard her fans cries and is now on a weight loss journey that is judging from her latest post; where she is seen in her gym outfit. To caption the image, Betty Wrote;

Baby Imma be your motivation 🤩

BK on weight loss

Hopefully this time around she gets to accomplish her weight loss goals; but seeing how she has handled her previous weight loss trials – chances are that she might give up after a day or two.

Anyway below are a few photos showing how Betty Kyallo looks with her new weight gain.


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