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Betty Kyallo is right about her worst enemy

August 06, 2021 at 07:46
Betty Kyallo is right about her worst enemy

Betty Kyallo recently opened up about her worst enemy and I have to say that she was 100% right about everything she spoke about.

‘Most Times Women Are Fuelers Of Hate Against Other Women’- Betty Kyallo

This all started with a comment on one of her posts which was made by a fan who was wondering why alot of women on social media reserve their worst attacks for female celebrities like her and Akothee.

And she responded by saying that this was true. Simply put, she too has had experiences that made her realize that women are their own worst enemies.

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So what does this mean? Exactly that: women do not like seeing other women prosper. And it is a perfectly logical outcome to expect.

Betty Kyallo

Why? Because people envy those that mirror them and their situations. That is why women envy women -competition anxiety makes it such that we want to compete intragender.

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Betty Kyallo has known the experiences of being attacked by her female fans for alot of her decisions and whether good or bad, there are always haters.

Betty Kyallo

Betty is a human being with positive and negative aspects of her being. This is what makes her exciting to follow. She has some wins but scandals too.

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However, alot of her followers aren’t her fans. They are haters who have a strong sense of schadenfreude. People want to see Betty Kyallo fall.

Betty Kyallo

To a huge degree, she makes it easy for them to satisfy this emotion. She is always fumbling her love life after making it our business so why wouldn’t negative energy vampires congregate around her?

Betty Kyallo keeping her dating life private is smart

But what is interesting is that most of these types of people are female -when on a female celebrity’s page.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo really does need to shut up about certain aspects of her life. She needs to learn to keep her men private. Because this is the one area in which she has failed miserably and as a result, she is always going to be lampooned.

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