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Betty Kyallo is right to post whatever she damn well pleases on her IG

March 30, 2021 at 12:06
Betty Kyallo is right to post whatever she damn well pleases on her IG

Betty Kyallo has been dragged and mocked for sharing a series of photos that were either unflattering or more recently, a video is herself dancing -horribly. All of this is funny because it would seem netizens have forgotten that the only people who can moderate her content aside from her is Instagram.

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I mean, sure, the sharing of unflattering photos was more than likely a gaffe because she usually ensures that her photos are heavily photoshopped but all we can do is laugh at them, learn some lessons and then keep things moving.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has had to shut down her haters nonsense

The fact that Betty Kyallo was having fun dancing horribly is funny. But who are we to tell her what she should or shouldn’t post on her IG account? All we are is onlookers and I am glad she knows this fact well enough to double down.

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After receiving static for the dance video, she shared another video in which she let it be known that she is free to post whatever the hell she wants to on her page. And this gives control to you and every other hater too as you can simply ignore the posts you do not enjoy or you know, simply unfollow her.

Betty Kyallo

The sassy Betty Kyallo should not be trolled unnecessarily

We need to understand that while she is a celebrity, Betty Kyallo is not a slave to our whims and we should not even be attempting to police what she does on her own accounts. We are not paying her so why would she?

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And this instance has only served to remind her and me that alot of the people who follow you on social media are merely haters trying to catch a glimpse of your life so they have something to hate about.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo failed bikini photo

And Betty Kyallo has indeed done alot to warrant the whispers and mutterings that her name often attracts but not today. Not in this instance. And if we are going to be dolling out barbs, we need to issue bouquets in equal measure and not simply pick petty fights to settle scores. That would make us nothing more than bitter feminists. I jest.

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