Betty Kyallo is right to take legal action against culprits linking her to explicit video

Image: Betty Kyallo responds to wedding speculations after gorgeous video of her singing to her better half emerges

Betty Kyallo was recently making news following a certain leaked video she was said to have featured in and from the rumors shared online….it appears the content painted Ms BK as a professional sinner.

The video however surfaced barely a week after Georgina Njenga’s nudes were exposed by a bitter ex who wanted to ruin her image now that it was obvious she had moved on and started a family with Baha.

However in BK’s case – we didnt really know much on who had leaked the said tape…but all i know is that most male fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the said tape – simply because BK is the kind of woman they’d all want to wife….but unfortunately she has a type.

Bk to sue culprits

Anyway with the rumors circulating in her name, it appears Ms BK will be seeking legal help that is sue everyone and anyone who posted or shared the video claiming the lady featured on the clip is the former News anchor.

Although it has already been confirmed the lady isnt BK, mama Ivanna still insists on having the DCI investigate the matter – only because the rumors not only painted BK as a loose woman but affected her business relationships while at it.

It’s also a good move that will teach upcoming content creators on media ethics – now that the Z Gen clearly don’t care about other people’s feelings out here….and now that BK isn’t playing, I bet she’ll make a good example out of those she is currently after.

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