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Betty Kyallo jumped into the “answering tough questions” bandwagon to say nothing

July 21, 2020 at 08:03
Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo recently sat down with a former colleague from the Standard Group, Radio Maisha’s Billy Miya and they had a rather “interesting” conversation that was meant to see her answer tough questions about her t6hat Kenyans have been asking.

Betty Kyallo comes clean on buying KSh 7.1 million Porsche as revenge after Hassan Joho repossessed his

What was supposed to be a rather interesting time for her viewers has turned out to be yet another clickbait bullshit moment from the former Denis Okari wife who is currently struggling to find and maintain love.

betty kyallo

Sisters, Mercy and Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo “opened up” about her past with different situations being addressed only for us to be left with no real answers that we already did not have. A case in point would be the fact that she was driving Joho’s car, a Porsche Cayenne that was confirmation of the relationship they had.

Betty Kyallo’s response to latest scandal is the best ever!

No. That was not true. I read a story I’m like “are they talking about me?” That never happened. That was just a creation by a former friend who wanted to tarnish my name because they saw I was progressing and I decided I won’t fight back.

Seriously, what is this mathogothanio?

betty kyallo

We can see her mouth open up but nothing substantive comes out with regards to the more pointed questions. we already knew who owned the car and do not really care how it was repossessed but since we are on that topic, do not just refute the claims and then keep it moving. This tactic is one perfected by Kenyan politicians and oh… I see why she perfected it too…

And honestly, if we are going to have a tell-all interview, invite people to share the questions they want to be answered and then answer them. Do not tease the fact that you’re going to and then sit down and tell us what we already knew and deduced.

Betty Kyallo nearly involved in grisly road accident (Video)

What we would like to know is whether or not she ever did meet Joho’s wife and how that interaction went. What would she tell her daughter, Ivanna, if she asks about her entanglement with joho and whether it cost her parents their marriage? As you can see, I am upset I will never get back my thirty-four wasted minutes.

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