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Betty Kyallo nearly involved in grisly road accident (Video)

July 09, 2020 at 12:31
Betty Kyallo nearly involved in grisly road accident (Video)

Bubbly media personality, Betty Kyallo almost got involved in a fatal accident while driving out for lunch with two passengers aboard.

The now well-established businesswoman was shooting her video following a one-week break from her daily hustle after officially relaunching her Flair by Betty salon.

In the company of her friend who doubles up as a Lawyer and entrepreneur, Evelyn, as well as her cameraman on the back seat, Betty was the one on the steering wheel.

TV personality, Betty Kyallo

The incident

After a few minutes-drive, Betty met head-on with a fast-speeding ambulance just as she was taking a right corner only for her to quickly jerk and suddenly break, throwing the three to the front.

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By God´s grace, mama Ivanna stepped on her breaks just on time to allow enough time for the ambulance to cross right before her Mercedes Benz.

Mother of one, Betty Mutei Kyallo

The beauty was left in shock, heart fast-beating and almost stopping the drive just to calm down. Pretty shaken, Betty expressed:

What!!! My heart is beating guys! That ambulance that just came from nowhere!

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That ambulance came head-on and it was coming from a corner. I couldn´t seen it and I was the one who had the right of way.

Betty Kyallo has shown Kenyans a different side of herself and they love it

Ms Betty

It would have ended really bad but we thank God the three were spared.


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