Betty Kyallo response to fan questioning her parenting skills will teach you to mind your business

Betty Kyallo has been missing in action for a while now – but as usual, she always finds a way to cause a stir on social media when making a comeback.

Don’t believe me? Maybe…but if have you seen her latest bikini photo, then you know what i am talking about. Well, the former news anchor caused a stir on Instagram after unveiling a new photo sunbasking at the coast; and for some reason a fan identified as Aaliyah decided to blast Betty Kyallo for being a bad mum.

Okay….the fan didn’t really write Betty Kyallo is a bad mum – but she wrote;


I remember a time I used to look up to you. Now I just pity you Mama Nani. What example are you setting for your own child?

Know your place

Which clearly describes BK as an unfit mum to daughter Ivanna and although the fan didn’t point out why – I feel like it has something to do with the bikini…..if not, maybe she meant the many vacations BK takes without tagging her daughter along.

However seeing that engaging with the fan would only attract more harsh comments from other fans…BK hit back with;

Yup she’s my Dora not yours. Worry about your own miss

Okay, at this point i am also left wondering, what was so wrong with the bikini and if its about the vacation….is it that a mum can’t have some alone time from her kids just because she is a mum? Some fans smh.

But again, those with no kids are always first to point out parenting mistakes….so yea – BK had every reason to hit back.

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