Betty Kyallo reveals how being at KTN gave her pressure to look perfect (Video)

Celebrities have had a rough time, trying to be perfect, trying to look flawless before the cameras but what masses will never accept is that no one can be perfect.

The minute one gets on TV or becomes the center of interest before the public eyes, one not only has to match up and convince viewers that they are up-to it, but there is pressure to constantly dress the part regardless of where you are.

TV Queen, Betty Kyallo is no exception. For her, when she started at KTN roughly 8 years back, her lifestyle took a drastic turn, she had to dress up every time she walked out of her house.

Celebrated TV personality, Betty Kyallo

Why? Because there is a brand she needs to protect.

Spilling the beans during her YouTube show, the mother of one recalled her first days of training as she prepped to appear before our screens on KTN.

Wasee wa Ronga walikuwa wameningoja. It was so scary. Because you don´t want to make a mistake. Before I went on air, I had this boss who scared the t* out of me. He always said ´you know now you are not Betty anymore, you´re a KTN brand so don´t walk out there in slippers and pajamas. You always have to look good.

Kenyan TV siren, Betty Kyallo

The pressure mounted on her, having to either measure up for her job or call it quits and lead a subtle, free life with no reputation to maintain.

We all know she picked the job and this compelled her to always perfect her looks before leaving the house, to always step out decently and articulately dressed.

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Funny enough, whether it is that random Saturday she is going shopping or that chilly morning she is going for a jog, she has to have her make-up on. Why? Because fans don´t take anything less.

That´s why sometimes even leaving the house for me is a lot of work because I have to put in a lot of work on myself. At first it used to be hard for me but now I am used to it. Even when I´m out jogging, I want to always look good because it became part of me. I´ll step out of the house, go into the mall and then meet my fans and they want to take a selfie but if you don´t look good, KoT will bash you for not being beautiful in reality.

Ms Betty

Away from that, the media sensation recalled just how many times she would make mistakes while on air and it would haunt her.

Fans´ comments and criticisms would not let her have some goodnight sleep. Fortunate enough, she took it positively and worked on herself until she became the TV idol most young girls look up to, today.

The more you don´t want to make mistakes is when you actually make them. So I made mistakes until I learnt and became so good. I started training myself and became good and that´s when I went on air.

Betty Kyallo at KTN studios

Her inspiration

Speaking of her motivation and inspiration, Betty Kyallo admitted that she looks up to Beyoncé. An American music idol who will be remembered for her multiple Grammy Awards, but whose struggles many don´t know much about.

Mama Ivanna shared:

Everyone goes through those mistakes. Never worry about making mistakes. I was watching something from Beyoncé the other night and she was saying that she has 24 Grammy awards, having been rejected 46 times. So you think about her and how hard she works and how good she is at what she does. But she´s lost more times than she´s won. Do you know how powerful that is? That you can lose so many times but it doesn´t matter cause it´s okay, you have to lose so that you win.

Yummy mummy, Betty Kyallo

Through Beyoncé, Betty Kyallo appreciates her faults, her mistakes, her flaws and the fact that no matter how many times you fall, always get back up until you reach the finish line.

So even when I made mistakes on air, you get criticized, you´re trending, you´re bashed. I used to tell myself ¨I´m improving, I´m trying. So mwachane na mimi¨. The power of failure is amazing especially if you are able to adjust yourself and recover from failure.

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