Betty Kyallo Reveals The Source Of Funding For Her New Beauty Parlor

Betty Kyallo recently opened a massive beauty parlour in the leafy suburbs of Kenya. This being her third beauty parlour, the obvious question on everyone’s lips is: “Where she gets the money to do all these businesses?” With Betty’s track record of dating the who is who of Kenya, you might be tempted to jump to conclusions, but she cleared the air in a recent interview with Jalang’o.

“Your show with your sisters just ended. How was the experience?”

Jalang’o asked

“I feel like it was a great platform for me and my sisters. People got to know Mercy and Gloria”

Then Jalang’o without any shame, went direct:

“How much did you make from the first season?”

Betty Kyallo replied

“Tulitengeneza millioni kadhaa”


Then Jalas wondered 

“Is it the same money you used to build this place?”

To which Betty agreed that the money from the Kyallo Kulture show was the major part of the funding for the parlour.

“Ilisaidia sana. Kwanza hiyo season 2 ndio ilisaidia sana.”

 So there you have it. the source of funding for Becky’s new beauty parlour was Kyallo Culture. Makes sense because Showmax and Netflix have been super aggressive in trying to get local content for their platforms, and they’ve been throwing millions left and right to any creative with a half-decent idea. For those who were thinking about other sources of funding…

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