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Betty Kyallo shows off her expensive shoe collection for the first time!

April 24, 2020 at 18:53
Betty Kyallo shows off her expensive shoe collection for the first time!

Betty Kyallo is among the top female news anchors we have in the country. And so far, fans have already seen her fleet of luxury cars, outfit collection and now she’s giving everyone a glimpse of her incredible shoe collection.

Ms Betty Kyallo

Being the eldest in her family, BK is definitely setting an example for her younger sisters who look up to her; and this means that it must be good to be Betty Kyallo!

Just recently Betty Kyallo showed off just a small portion of her incredible footwear on an Instagram story video reposted from her sister’s page. Just like herself, all BK’s shoes are seen incredibly organized, still new’ish and classy enough for any expensive lady like herself.

BK’s shoes

As seen on the video and photos below, it’s evident to see that Betty Kyallo loves her shoes; and just like most women having such a collection is dream come true!

BK’s shoe collection

Although the video was shared by her younger sister Gloria Kyallo is; the young lady was kind enough to reveal they would soon be auctioning the shows through BK’s page probably to create room for the new collection.

BK shows off her shoes

BK on IG

Away from that,  it seems that BK is not just loved by her TV viewers; but her Instagram family who often look forward to her live sessions especially on weekends!

The last time BK shared a screenshot showing how many people joined her live; she thanked the 49k followers who logged into her IG live session for showing her nothing but love.

Indeed Betty is on her own league thanks to her humility and great personality. Other known celebrities on the other hand continue to struggle with their 1k live viewers – while BK continues to set lanes!

Well, considering her first drunk Instagram live session that left bloggers talking for about a week; who would miss out on watching BK live? Not me!



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