Betty Kyallo still can’t explain how marriage changed her relationship with Dennis Okari in just 6 months – after 4 years of dating

Betty Kyallo is among the news anchors who got married in their earlier 20’s simply because they had found the perfect match. However for Betty Kyallo it was different because she’d known and dated Dennis Okari for 4 years before moving on to another level of their relationship.

Ex-couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari


From what she said during an interview on her reality show Kyallo Kulture is that till date she can’t explain how things between her and baby daddy fell apart overnight. I mean, this is a man she’d loved and had a kid with – there was love, they were both stable, admired by many for being the perfect couple…so what changed in six months of marriage?

Well – they’ve been a lot of rumors claiming Betty Kyallo did Dennis Okari dirty by mingling with a certain powerful man; while others point fingers at Ken Mijungu for influencing Dennis Okari to leave BK….and also there was a rumor about Okari’s church warning him against the lady. Too much drama and baseless tales to the said breakup.

Former couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

Betty Kyallo on breakup with Okari 6 months after marriage

Anyway although the two have chosen to maintain silence on this issues, looks like BK might just end up sharing ‘her truth’ in the near future.

Howeber speaking during recent interview we understand that breaking up with Dennis Okari was the hardest things Betty Kyallo ever did. She revealed this saying;

I don’t mourn about relationships.


  I did that with the separation from Ivanna’s dad but these days am different. I can’t believe how things went. It was such a nice relationship and very light. We had a special relationship. The wedding was huge and I didn’t think we knew what we were getting ourselves in.

After this incident, Betty Kyallo says she no longer looks at marriage the same way she did. Like…how can something so beautiful turnout so ugly in just a few months?

The divorce changed my perception about marriage. We were so happy for four years it didn’t make sense that we were there, only for six months inside the marriage.

So basically right now it’s more of Kuoga na kurudi soko asap….something like a sport.

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