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Betty Kyallo takes new stand on marriage after recent meeting with Dennis Okari (Video)

June 04, 2020 at 12:44
Betty Kyallo takes new stand on marriage after recent meeting with Dennis Okari (Video)

Co-parenting might never have been better between TV couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari like now.

Just the other day, Ivanna was going out on a date with her dad, one that Betty admitted was a special day for her daughter who got up early, picked her clothes and stuck around waiting for their meet up.

It seems like it did go well, with the dad and daughter having some light moments on camera, relishing the lost moments they were never able to share together.

Dennis Okari with younger Ivanna

Through her YouTube channel, Betty gushed over her daughter-baby daddy meet up asking:

Oh, you took pictures with your daddy? Aww…lemme see.

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Anyway, it was now time for the two parents to have a sit down and iron out a couple of issues, best known to them.

Early Sunday morning, Betty was already out, grinding and trying to put her life together especially regards her business.

Betty Kyallo

On our way to her soon-to-be ´Flair by Betty´ location, Betty quickly combed through her itinerary stating:

So guys, listen, today I have a busy day and I´m hoping to accomplish. Right now am heading to the new Flair by Betty where I am relocating to and find out the progress. After that I have to go to town, Kijabe street because I have to go look for the flooring of that salon. Then I go to Diamond Lighting to choose with my interior designer, the lighting of the new salon. After that I head to the Furniture place on Mombasa road.

Definitely what struck and impressed many was the fact that things seemed to be taking a good turn for Betty and Dennis Okari.

Then later I have a meeting with Ivanna´s dad. After which I meet my brand manager. As you can see ninarock, I have my heels in place and I´m gonna make this an amazing day.

Former couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

Her day ran fairly well and quite into the late afternoon so chances are the two met up in the evening before she headed home to grab some good rest.


The former K24 news anchor went ahead to state that she looks forward to walking the isle.

Before admitting that from the look of things, she might have to call it off for a while because she needs to get her business up and running.

Betty Kyallo´s soon-to-be beauty parlor

Ivanna´s mom said she does not need to get confused by guys and relationships right now because she is focused on doing ´her´.

I´m gonna get my ring soon. Tutaolewa ama kama hatutaolewa tutakaa tu hivyo. Sisi tuko sawa. Mi btw kwanza vile saa hii niko busy, ata sioni [nikiolewa], not in the near future. Sitaki kuchanganyishwa na machali. Msinichanganyishe! Saa hii nataka tu kufocus. Kuchanganyishwa ni weekend peke yake, Saturday, Sunday. We can agree on the nitty gritties. However, Monday to Friday tunafocus. Tunachapa job.

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All in all, she wrapped up her segment by urging her fans to always give thanks regardless the situation one is in because Faith is important.

In everything, always remember to give thanks.

Ms Betty Mutei Kyallo

Her social media fam could not thank the parents enough for settling their differences and focusing on what´s most important – baby Ivanna.



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