Betty Kyallo: Why thirty-something women make excellent partners

Image: Betty Kyallo

Esteemed journalist Betty Kyallo has chosen to offer a glimpse into her personal life, sharing insights into a relationship she has kept guarded from the public eye.

Making a return to mainstream media after an absence of nearly four years, Kyallo hinted at the possibility of taking her relationship to the next level, expressing contentment in her current partnership with a man hailing from Western Kenya.


Betty Kyallo Hints On Dating With Cheeky Post (Screenshot)

“My partner is from the western region. I am now settled. I feel happy,” Kyallo revealed.

When questioned about the prospect of marriage, the mother of one remained somewhat cryptic.

“We’ll see about that. I prefer not to say too much and then something unexpected happens. Women in their thirties often make excellent partners because of our life experiences. We’ve been through a lot,” she remarked.


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She shared that she adopts a submissive role in relationships when in love, offering a rare glimpse into her personal life.

“When I love someone, I’ll do anything for them. I cook, I kneel, I massage them, anything. But it’s important for me to genuinely love you to do all these things.”

As a public figure and celebrity, Kyallo explained that she has had to develop resilience to navigate the challenges she faces.

“I’ve been in this industry for 13 years now. I’ve learned to toughen up because some things that people experience privately, I experience them in the public eye. It’s not easy, but I find ways to cope,” added the media personality.

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