Betty Kyallo’s Decision To Hide Her Man Is Wise

Betty Kyallo has vowed to hide her man from social media. She recently shared the sentiments via a phone call interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray; where she purported that she won’t be revealing the face of her new catch anytime soon.

She was reluctant to share any details on the new guy as she claimed it might even be her bodyguard.

”Maybe ndio bodyguard na hamjui.”

The mother of one last year shared a photo of herself holding a bouquet of flowers, saying it was the highlight of her week.

“Love is a beautiful thing,” she wrote.

Recently, she has been a trending topic over a viral video of her kissing an un-identified man passionately.


Anyway, Betty Kyallo’s last public relationship was with a lawyer, Nick Ndeda.

Bearded hunk Nick Ndeda shared the reasons why his romantic affair with ex-girlfriend, Betty Kyallo did not stand the test of time.

The city lawyer claimed in as much as the publicity surrounding the affair did not entirely contribute to its downfall, it did not help in making it any easier to deal with the turmoil they later experienced.

“I don’t think publicity had much to do with it, but it certainly didn’t help. I think when relationships are in a premature stage you need a lot of privacy just to figure each other out, but when you’re pushed into the limelight at such an early stage then it becomes almost obligatory to become someone, to look someway,” said Ndeda.

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