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Betty Kyallo´s hot replacement at K24 now turning heads (Photos)

June 17, 2020 at 17:30
Betty Kyallo´s hot replacement at K24 now turning heads (Photos)

As Betty Kyallo was exiting Mediamax-owned TV station K24, Kenyans were worried that the weekend would no longer be the same for ´Weekend with Betty´.

Well, it seems like the dust has finally settled after her seemingly new replacement was unveiled, with fans impressed by the new face, somehow glad that Betty has actually left.

As we witness massive retrenchment in the media industry – with older folks get replaced by the younger generation – veteran journalists have been left high and dry.

Set to take up from where Betty left is a young, sassy and petite Caren Kibett whose star shone brighter the minute team mafisi could not get enough of her.

Caren Kibett

The fast-rising news anchor who has a couple of times worked with Betty Kyallo has been on K24´s sports desk, probably why many never gave her as much attention.

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The lass is set to be taking over the weekend prime time show sooner rather than later. For many, they cannot wait to have a fresh and different experience with the chocolate-skinned Kalenjin beauty.

K24 news anchor, Caren Kibett

Meanwhile, very little remains known about the budding TV girl.


This comes just days after K24 news anchor, Shiksha Arora took up Betty´s weekend show on Saturday, June 6 and fans were totally disappointed.

K24 news anchor and TV personality, Shiksha Arora

According to viewers, the TV beauty queen who is also Betty´s close BFF was just not able to fit in her shoes as fans pushed for a better replacement.

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During the Uplcose with Betty edition, Ms Arora featured popular radio personality, Linda Nyangweso and fans felt this was a miss.

Shiksha Arora has been hosting K24´s News Cut segment that airs at 1 pm. She has previously worked as a radio presenter at Kenya´s East Fm.

Shiksha Arora

Let´s wait and see.


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