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Betty Kyallo’s mum reveals the ‘one thing’ she expects from her future son-in-law

September 16, 2020 at 15:34
Betty Kyallo's mum reveals the 'one thing' she expects from her future son-in-law

Betty Kyallo’s mum has proven that she loves her girls just the way they are. So far Ms Julia has portrayed characterics of a loving but protective mum who wants nothing but the best for her kids.

Judging from how the lady carries herself during interviews, we have every reason to believe that baby Ivanna took after her. She is not only quite but a humble mum who has seen both good and bad sides of life.

However speaking to Churchill in an interview aired this past weekend; Mama Julia as popularly known opened up about her daughter BK revealing a number of unknown things.

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Betty Kyallo’s mum

At least for the first time the mother of 4 went on to confirm that her baby girl has always had a good heart towards people; and unlike most celebrities looking for beef, Betty has always attracted positive energy wherever she goes.

She doesn’t look at negative things. She focuses only on the positive things. She has been very good

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Request to son in law

Being one with a big heart, Betty Kyallo’s mum went on to add that she hopes this will not get her beaten by her husband in future.

This is because most men from this generation have proven to quite envious of successful women; and others tend to overlook or overhear certain situations hence jumping into conclusions.

Betty Kyallo's mum celebrates birthday

BK’s mum

However to the one man looking to settle with Betty in future; all the lady asks of is not for her daughter to be beaten. She went on to say;

So I hope even in future nobody beats her, thats my worry. Should not get a husband who will beat her because everything is on her face.



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