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Betty Kyallo’s response to latest scandal is the best ever!

July 10, 2020 at 15:14
Betty Kyallo's response to latest scandal is the best ever!

Betty Kyallo is the subject of a trending topic on Twitter that alleges she is not where she is with a governor she used to be with (according to reports).

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Yes, a photo surfaced online of Joho and Junet Mohamed on a private chartered flight to Dubai and a handbag featured prominently.

According to the Twitter investigators, that handbag looked similar to a handbag that Betty Kyallo owns. And just like that, the rumour was born and already sprinting halfway across the world.

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Betty Kyallo it should be remembered is rumoured to have had a relationship with the Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho and theirs was a storied history indeed.

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Anyway, when the rumours began to swirl around, Jahao was in transit but as soon as he landed and was informed, he opted to take a rather interesting photo for the gram…


And Betty on her part too had a rather interesting response to the haters. She simply laughed it off and made light of the drama that had engulfed her.

betty kyallo

Sisters, Mercy and Betty

And this was the best play at hand. You see, Betty Kyallo has indeed in the past acted and been involved in situations that would link her to these rumours. And a decision to blast her haters would be a really bad decision because it would make KoT double down on their memes.

betty kyallo

Instead, she laughed at just how ludicrous the allegations were, simply diffusing the situation and making the purveyors of this particular rumours look stupid.

In doing so, Bety Kyallo has done more than just deal with these rumours, she has effectively completely nullified any rumours that might come out in future linking her to her past. And Betty Kyallo did so in a sublime way. Kudos to the former K24 Tv girl.


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