Betty Kyalo consoles Lilian Muli: Keep it strong gorgeous. There are no formula to love and life 

For a person who has been scrutinized by Kenyans after her marriage broke lose only six months after exchanging vows, news anchor Betty Kyalo has learned a lot from the tormenting experience.

The news anchor took to social media to console fellow news anchor Lilian Muli after her ugly break up with rich hubby Jared Ombongi. According to Betty, people shouldn’t judge her because of her public meltdown. It only shows she’s a human being just like any other.

“Keep it strong gorgeous, there are no formula to love and life your peace of mind comes first. Just reading some conversions online, and isn’t it funny how some people out here think just because you are a public figure you have to have your life, emotions and decisions all together.” she posted. 


Muli made the announcement on 24th saying that Ombongi was cheating on him with several women. In return,  Ombongi claimed that she the one who had several lovers. Betty asked Muli to keep doing her own thing and stop minding the haters.

“The biggest lie, misconceptions, be you girl 99% of people out here judging or talking trush are not even anywhere close to getting their acts together, drink some wine and dance to your favourite song babe. Merry Christmas,” Betty went on. 

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