Bien attributes his solo career success to his wife Chiki.

Image: Chiki Kuruka with husband, Bien Aime

Bien-Aime Alusa Baraza, the lead vocalist of the Kenyan band Sauti Sol, has praised his wife, Chiki Kuruka, for her unwavering support and contributions to his success as a solo artist.

In an interview, Bien acknowledged the invaluable lessons he has learned from having Chiki manage his music career. He highlighted her dedication and commitment to his talent, which have been instrumental in driving his solo success.

Bien described the extent of Chiki’s involvement, stating that she manages various aspects of his career, including shoots and choreography. This hands-on approach has further deepened his admiration for her.

The release of Bien’s latest album, “Alusa Why Are You Topless,” on November 17, 2022, served as a platform for him to publicly acknowledge Chiki’s impact. The album, which showcases Bien’s musical prowess, features a collaboration with Scar Mkadinali and has gained significant traction since its release.

Bien’s appreciation for Chiki extends beyond her professional contributions. He expressed how her support has rekindled his love for her, demonstrating the profound impact she has had on both his personal and professional life.

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