Bien defending wife is an act of damage control

Chiki kuruka who is Bien Aime’s wife has been branded an insecure wife following a viral video where she was seen telling off a female dance for grinding on the Sauti Sol lead singer.

At first it all seemed like fun and games until fans started pointing out that Kuruka’s stunt was uncalled for since we all know she is in an open marriage with the singer.

Bien watching wife and fan from the sidelines

I mean – Bien said it right? So why the dramatic stunt? But again – you have to remember that when Chiki Kuruka approached the lady fan she had a tumbler on one hand – meaning she had sipped on a little of this and that….and with that – yall know liquor brings out the ugly to play even when unnecessary, right?

Wait…wait…those saying the tumbler might have contained water and not drinks can go argue with their ancestors huku mbali….ooliskia wapi wakenya wanatembea na tumbler ndio wakunywe nazo maji? Where I come from Tumbler ni ya booze unless unapewa kwa chemist umeze mara moja….ama wait nani huyo anasema P2?

Anyway with that said, Bien Aime has now opened up on what really happened and from what he says is that Chiki Kuruka had every right to tell off the fun – not as his wife but as his official manager.

Chiki was just working. She is my manager so she acted in her capacity as a manager. Don’t look at that incident and see it as my wife being extra. She was my manager at that point,

He went on to add that having the lady dance on him was a distraction which is why Chiki Kuruka intervened to avoid him losing focus.

She was supposed to make sure that I had no distractions before I went on stage. I had to be focused and that girl was a distraction, so I moved in front politely and Chiki and the security handled the girl.

Watu sio wajinga Buana

However having heard what he said, i went back to watch the video again – and from what i saw is Bien enjoying himself to the free entertainment….and I’m like damn, they must really think we are shallow to believe the manager tale right?

Then again – I am reminded of the time Fancy Fingers was caught in the company of a woman who was not his wife….and what the source said is that the two were even cuddling….

Yes they were cuddling but at some point the girl was uncomfortable because she knew I was taking videos…

And just like Bien Aime defended his actions, Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers also dusted himself off side chic claims saying;

So now I can’t hang out with my female friends…I do not have a grilfriend I have a wife it’s unfortunate that people are out to taint others…please carefully analyze what is net to you…

Then i am also reminded of Bensol from Sol Generation who also cheated on his girlfriend and had a baby with Tiffany Muikamba who btw mentioned how these guys have open relationships.

So yea Bien – we get it – it’s a weakness not just for Sol Generation men but for all male species. Tunaelewa.

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