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Bien needs to stop preaching to his followers

March 09, 2022 at 10:00
Bien needs to stop preaching to his followers

What has made Bien start thinking Kenyans appreciate his pontificating to us about how virtuous a male feminist he is? Ever since he started dating his now-wife, he has become the bastion of everything good and progressive about masculinity and he is preaching to us that we as Kenyan men must copy who he has become.

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No, seriously, we miss the days when he was a more chill and reserved celebrity who would use the silence from his part to feed the mystery that surrounded him. These days we actually miss the silence -when it is about things that do not matter because he was very silent when the nation was discussing important issues such as #UnlockOurCountry.

But that is not even what makes his constant preaching offensive to the senses of anyone who has theirs intact… The biggest issue with what he says is that he is always virtue signalling. We get it, Bien is married to a feminist, that doesn’t mean he has pass on the angst he deals with to the rest of us.

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He recently took to his social media account to give us our best example to date of why I say he is so tone-deaf and misinformed that he is better off maintaining his silence. He posted the following:

And I have to wonder why he thinks dealing with criminals is a gendercentric issue. Why does he think that preaching to us to show us how much of a “strong ally” he is would make sensible people change their tune.

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We get it, the most recent video shared of bodaboda criminals is appalling but we all suffer at the hands of these gangs. So it is in our best interest to deal with them collectively. When we make the fight about how women should be “respected and protected” we invalidate the suffering that other Kenyans have suffered simply because they are men.

Keep in mind that it was only last year when a group of young men were lynched and then burned alive by bodaboda criminals and back then absolutely no one made it a gender based fight. That is because people like Bien chose to maintain sharap.

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Or so I thought until I had an epiphany of sorts… Bien is a member of Sauti Sol. His core audience is female. I mean, they are a great band that makes great music but his main fanbase is made up of women. So this is all a grift!

Bien Alusa Baraza

He is simply saying and doing things that would endear him to a huge chunk of his fanbase. That is why when there are times when speaking up would seem like the civic duty of any aware and plugged in Kenyan citizen, he is silent. It is because his core audience doesn’t care.

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Tht is why when Kenyans are discussing things like the rising cost of living, when Kenyans are complaining about being overburdened by taxes or when we are discussing rampant corruption, he is silent as a church mouse. That is because like any good grifter, his outbursts are calculated. I doubt he believes in the things he lends his voice to, it is all manufactured indignation.

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien Aime Baraza

You see, Bien knows to speak up when he will get the support of his core audience. He knows that he needs to be a feminist inorder for him and his group to continue enjoying all the sponsorship deals he gets from corporate sponsors. Because make no mistake about it, the advertising world is run by women.

Be that as it may be, I am a simple man with simple pleasures and pet peeves. One of them is seeing him climb atop his soap box and start lecturing us about what he thinks we should care about. We are Kenyans dealing with runaway crime and an angry populace who cannot direct their anger at the government or politicians. And when a crime occurs, only a grifter tries to sell it as a crime unique to one gender. Criminals are opportunists who target people they think they can get away with victimizing. So Bien needs to stop distracting us from this fact with his feminist pandering.


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