“Bishana na Wamama wenzako kama akina Akothee!” Willy Paul to Ringtone

Oh no he just did not go there!

Well, I guess it’s official, the attention Willy Paul was desperately hoping for to promote his new song with Nadia is finally about to become a reality.

Willy Pozee with Nadia

This is after Willy Paul dragged Akothee into his online beef with Ringtone! The young singer pulled his latest stunt in a post shared on his gram; where he boasted about the numbers his new song has been attracting on YouTube. Pozee wrote;

Where is ringtone? Where is that woman?? Look at my YouTube channel, look at the song #nikune look at the trend!! Nigga pick ur fights carefully. Kuna watu hapa bado hauezani nao.. I’ve decided to give you the fame you’ve always wanted so bad..mama nani!! Btw don’t forget to put on ile leso yako ya ‘wamama kiboko yao ‘….


Willy Paul picks on Akothee

He went on to urge Ringtone to argue with his fellow women naming Akothee as one of them on his post.  He went on add;


bishana Na wamama wenzako huko kama akina @akotheekenya Na uchunge huyo atakutandika…:. One more thing, ur jealousy will kill you soon…. Na hio accent yako ya mafi

Of course Willy Paul knew what he was doing after tagging the president of single mother’s who is feared for her sharp mouth!

However, it also depends with how Akothee will react towards the shade thrown her way by Pozee! But from the look of things, our weekend is just about to get lit courtesy of Pozee.

Willy Paul new lifestyle

After quiting the gospel music industry, Willy Paul has slowly been showing his true colors on social media.

Unlike before he can now smoke, drink, change women and still afford to flaunt it on social media without fearing his fans will judge him!

So far he has been throwing shade at Bahati – who chooses to maintain his silence; but with Pozee’s carefree attitude it seems that he has now upgraded his game by going after Akothee!

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