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Bishop Kanyari comes clean on why he gave actor Omosh money after praying for him

May 30, 2022 at 16:29
Bishop Kanyari comes clean on why he gave actor Omosh money after praying for him

Actor Omosh and Pastor Kanyari gave Kenyans a reason to talk after following a viral video where the man of God was seen praying for Omosh.

Omosh Kizangila

From the clip Bishop Kanyari is seen casting out demons from Omosh who suddenly loses consciousness – then falls down while the Bishop continues to pray for him. Having seen size 8 pull the same stunt, there are those who obviously concluded that Omosh and the Kanyari were up to fooling netizens too.

However the Bishop has refuted these claims saying he actually met Omosh for the first time – that fateful Sunday. Speaking during recent interview, the man of God opened up saying;

Bishop Kanyari

Though I have meet many influential people, I have never seen Omosh face-to-face. My church is big as you can see and the worshippers are many so I could not see that he was among the congregants. I also have eyesight problem so I can’t see far.

Kanyari went on further to reveal the prophecy given to him by God about Omosh saying;

However, when I asked people to come forward, that is when I noticed him because I usually see him on TV. I prophesied that he will be a great actor then I placed my hand on his hand to pray for him as I have done for many people and he fell down.

Why he gave Omosh cash

On the same interview, Bishop Kanyari also mentioned about giving Omosh some money, but not for his acting skills but because he was a big fun.

I gave him KSh 7,000 that’s little money. I gave him that money because he is a person that I always see and he makes me happy because he is a comedian. I like how he reacts in his skits. I was happy to see him in my church for the first time and I thank God that I prayed for him.

Well judging from his current lifestyle as seen on his social media pages – I guess parting with 7k wasn’t such a big deal for the Bishop.


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