Bitter Beef! Xtian Dela Confronts Edgar Obare After Latest Exposé (Screenshots)

The closure of Blogger Edgar Obare’s verified Instagram account did not impede him from doing what he does best-expose celebrities. Through his BNN account, the ‘tea master’ is still waltzing through with his controversial exposés.

Edgar’s most recent exposé on Xtian Dela has ignited rage on the YouTuber, who hasn’t taken the issue slightly.

Edgar disclosed that Xtian’s club- Santorini has collapsed and is being auctioned. He wrote on his BNN account;

@xtiandela ‘s club Santorini in Kikuyu collapses and is being auctioned.”

But according to Xtian, the latter is false information. In response to this, Xtian wrote back to Edgar;

”Sasa wewe unanitafutia nini? Can you just LEAVE ME ALONE!!! PLEASE!!!! ????????”

Reriterating over the same, Xtian took to his Instagram page to reprimand Edgar over the latter;

”Can I just be left in peace Aki. I just need PEACE. I’m just here building my company and keeping it easy with my pregnant wife.

What I will NOT allow is for a clout chasing blogger to drag my name down and brand me titles and businesses I Don’t Own! If you have personal issues, kindly sort yourself and don’t just attack people for clout so that you can sell ads.

I will protect and defend my name to the full extent of the law if need be!

Everything about Santorini is on my highlights. Tell the blogger to check my stories if he wants “Tea”..We already served it months ago.”

Fans have since reacted differently over the issue; with some supporting Xtian for scolding Edgar. Of course, Edgar’s students who are always ready to be served ‘tea’ are on his side.

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