Bitter or dramatic baby mama? Brown Mauzo exposed by ex wife for allegedly neglecting year old daughter

Most people will always accuse baby mamas of being bitter and dramatic; but truth is not all carry such pain – around unless triggered.

Mauzo with first wife

Well singer Brown Mauzo has found himself in the list of known deadbeat dads thanks to his ex wife; who claims that the guy is a seasonal father – and if I’m not wrong – his relationship with daughter is like that of a ‘car hire.’

The lady revealed this on her daughter’s IG page where she held a QnA; and unfortunately due to hurt emotions (denial) Mama Lareesa ended up embarrassing both herself and baby daddy.

This is after she went on to write;

For all those asking…yes his that kind of a father…one who pops up one day…n is gone for the rest of the year. I hope it answers your question.

Bitterness in denial

Judging from how she went on to talk about being legally attached to him; it’s obvious to see that mama Lareesa may still be in denial since Mauzo appears to have moved on with Vera already. 

Anyway talking about her Union with the guy; she wrote;

And yes he still my mothers husband (legally) so Vera is nyumba ndogo. But hio nyumba iko wapi?

From her tone – I bet Mama Lareesa still has to work on herself; that is if she wants the coparenting to work. But again, doesn’t Mauzo have other 2 baby mamas on the side?

Anyway – looks like Vera was the highest bidder and clearly Mauzo likes to be pampered! I mean, who doesn’t?


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