Blessings dabo dabo! Popular Zora actress over the moon after welcoming healthy set of twins (Photos)


TV show Zora was among the top loved local shows and the fact that it had the likes of Sarah Hassan as Zora, Blessing Glungaho as Madiba, Jackie Matubia as Nana among others upcoming supporting top actors.

Well with Madiba and Nana having a child of their own after finding love while working together; another actress – Eunice David aka Hamida has welcomed her second born – set of twins and she cannot keep calm.

Okay, judging from her lengthy post, one would wonder where she got the strength to pour out her heart; hours after she was cut open for the CS process – but then again – this is no ordinary blessing nor is she a basic mum but a super one! Sharing the good news through her socials – the lady wrote;

CONGRATULATIONS EUNICE DAVID🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉 you’ve maaade it mamiiii!!!niseme nini bwana na umeamua,jamani nani APINGE!!…I will live to testify God’s LOVE and GRACE upon my life….lemme tell you maina wuueeh,watoto kweli ni baraka and I can testify on that,my 1st born came with blessings,yaani after some time ya kulea kulea my Baby gal..niko tu pale kwa hao concentration ikiwa ulezini,BOOM!! I received my contract with @jiffypictures the #ZoraSeriesProject.

Hardest pregnancy experience

Having welcomed her first child not so long ago, Hamida says this last pregnancy was more like torture. Ask your wives if you have any doubts about pregnancy being tough and what’s funny is that – just like the babies were two – so was the morning sickness. Double double.

Actress introduces twins

Haya,again when shooting the last few seasons of Zora,maina🫣 I conceived these two angels♥️(I see blessings)…while shooting those last few seasons,WUUUUEEEEH wamaitha🙆 whatever my body was battling on that set,only GOD knows better osiepa!!Morning sickness ya kubeba mmoja tu otek!! Hii ya twins sitaongelea leo🙌🙌but nilijikaza wadau and trust me,I conquered till the very last scene all Glory and honour to God🙏🙏Those 9 months hazijakuwa RAHISI,the journey of carrying 2 lives plus mine wasn’t a bed of roses for me maswahirba,at times I would give up,but God kept me strong&moving.

To her fans

Anyway, to her loyal fans always sliding in the DM to check up on her; Hamida had this to say;

Zora Actresses

Those always DMing/commenting “swahirba tunakumiss umepotelea wapi” now you know nlikuwa mission fulani undercover😝now accomplished🙌.

And lastly;

Thank you God for the reminder that you’ll never ever forsake me even in my worst situations,jina lako lipewe sifa🙏🙏
#WelcomeToTheWorldMyAngels #Mum C’s🤗


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