Blessings on blessings: Media personality Maureen Waititu lands new TV gig

Image: MC Jessy and Maureen Waititu during their latest interview

Maureen Waititu is slowly getting back in her feet; but as usual fans on social media are not letting her have it easy. This is probably because of her scandalous breakup with Frankie Just Gym it who quickly moved on with Corazon Kwamboka.

Away from that, this Valentines Day – Ms Waititu was accused of sending herself flowers; but come on – can’t a girl fall in love with herself?

Maureen Waititu with her sons

Anyway – while her haters continue to hate Ms Waititu on the other hand keeps making money moves as seen on her page. Well, thanks to her YouTube show – Waititu has bagged yet another reality talk show based on parenthood.

According to Maureen The Nest will help many in terms of parenting by bringing answers to both new and old parents. Speaking in the video shared on her page, Maureen said;

Maureen Waititu claps back

Is there anything like perfect parenthood? How do you deal with struggles of becoming one? The nest is a reality, talk-show that brings you this answers and more by sharing really time solutions to parenthood as inspired by real stories of real parents. I will be your host Maureen Waititu, join me every Tuesday on Y254 TV as we discuss matters, parenthood, teenage pregnancy and more” said Maureen Waititu.

Single parent life

Having raised both her son ‘alone’ Maureen Waititu feels like she now understands the journey a parent faces in life. Probably the talk show will be more effective to young mums who continue to look up to her. In the detailed video, Maureen said;

maureen waititu

 Is there anything like perfect parenthood?Join me every Tuesday on @y254_channel at 8pm as we discuss these issues and more. If you are a parent who has an extraordinary experience in the journey of becoming one and you’d love to share your story in order to inspire others, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to listen to your story and have you on board and host you on the show with our incredible specialists as we come up with solutions to the issues that arise with parenthood.

Congratulations to the lady for the money moves.

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