This is the blog post a patient once wrote Njeri Muigai, Madtraxx’s sister who passed away recently that will make you well up with tears

Madtraxx’s sister might be gone but there are people out here who will surely never forget her.

And I don’t mean the family, the likes of Madtraxx and DJ Stylez but her patients whom she treated with utmost care, respect and dignity.

She was so good at what she does than one of her patients who was suffering from a persistent mental health condition decided to write her a blog post just to thank her for the remarkable things she did to her.

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“Hope your Mashujaa Day was as on point as mine was, woke up to a text sent at 5a by the life partner (I think I found the one), it ended up being a sorta kinda celebratory day with him and I would like to spill over the celebration and that Mashujaa day spirit and ask y’all to join me in celebrating one of coolest psychiatrists in Kenya, yes cool psychiatrists exist, Dr. Njeri Muigai and her amazing DISRUPTION!!!” read the blog post in part.
I celebrate her and her human centred approach to mental health.
“I celebrate her because she has seen how it has been done before by the ‘gate keepers’ and asked what will happen if we disrupted how it has always been and gave people an alternative. 
We have seen the CNN program from a while ago, we have heard cases of break outs and we know a lot of people equate their lack of compassion or concern to the fact that the work is too much, the pay too little and adding mental health into the mix just throws compassion out the door but not for Dr. Muigai…despite it all, she is changing the system from within by being an example and for that I celebrate her.” The lady continued showering all manner of praises to the fallen doctor who was working with Kiambu County at the time of her death.
She must have been truly a great soul and thus may she rest in eternal peace.
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